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Doors from the High-Line series provide the perfect combination of durability, functionality and allure.

“From modern to classical.”

The series comprises three surface textures: Woodgrain, Stucco and Satin. For every texture, various versions are possible.

All ConDoor garage doors are effectively insulated due to the use of 40-mm panels. It goes without saying that all of the panels feature finger safe protection.


The High-Line Woodgrain is a garage door embossed with the texture of wood, the classical type of garage door. You can choose from four versions: Plano, Ligna, Plancha and Cassetta.


The High-Line Stucco is a garage door with a decorative texture, designed for durability. There are three versions: Plano, Plancha and Colore.

Available colours

The Stucco Colore is as standard available in eighteen different RAL colours: 1021, 3000, 5010, 6009, 7016, 8014, 9002, 9006, 9007, 9010, 1015, 5003, 6005, 7021, 7022, 7035, 9001 and 9005.


The High-Line Satin is a garage door with a completely smooth surface, for a modern appearance. Satin also has four versions: Plano, Ligna, Stylo and Plancha.

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