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Doors from the Design-Line series have a characteristic appearance that makes an architectural statement.

“From industrial and trendy to natural and timeless.”

The series comprises four designs: Umbra, Antra, Granite and Quartz.


The Design-Line Umbra is a garage door with a pronounced pattern of lines and embossment.

The Umbra is available as standard in RAL  7016, 9006, 9007 and 9016.


The Design-Line Antra is an attractive anthracite garage door with an unusual texture.

The Antra has a colour similar to RAL 7016.


The Design-Line Granite gives a rugged appearance to every house due to its powerful, granite surface texture.

The Granite has a colour similar to RAL 7043.


The Design-Line Quartz has an unusual quartz-grey texture, which radiates calm.

The Quartz has a colour similar to RAL 7039.

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