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ConDoor designs and produces the rail systems exactly to specification, which ensure years of problem-free operation.

“A solution for every situation.”

This allows us to offer a specific solution for every industrial building and every situation.

For instance, a tube system can be fitted to every rail system. And especially for distribution centres, we developed a dock door that can be installed very quickly, in part thanks to Smart Connection®; the patented, installation-friendly connection that we use in all of our rail systems.

“Smart Connection®, the best connection!”

We only use high-quality European steel when producing our rail systems, which contributes to the life of the rail. Moreover, we fit all rail systems with powder coated torsion springs and the desired operating equipment.


The NS is a standard rail system where the door moves horizontally behind the daylight opening.


The HS is an unusual space-saving rail system. The door first opens vertically and then moves into the building close to the ceiling.


The VS is a rail system where the door travels vertically.


The LS is a rail system that is pre-eminently suitable for use when top clearance is limited. The system is available in three variants, for top clearances of 200, 250 or 320 mm.

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