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Do you want a casement door that matches your overhead door? Then a Luxe-Line Single is the perfect solution.

The Luxe-Line profile can be filled with all of the 40-mm overhead door panels from our product range. This allows the Luxe-Line to have exactly the same appearance and lining as your overhead door!

“An architectural whole offering endless possibilities.”

Just like an overhead door, the Luxe-Line can be fitted with glazing for additional light transmission.

The aluminium profiles of a Luxe-Line are thermally separated, which results in a high insulation value.

The door can be hinged on either the left or right side. The door can open to either inside or outside. As standard, a Luxe-Line is fitted with door handles and a cylinder lock.

The installation profiles, which have been specially developed for the Luxe-Line, offer an optimum solution for any situation. These profiles offer the perfect finish on the inside of your Luxe-Line.


A Luxe-Line can be fitted with various options, including a draught excluder to combat draught, a three-point lock to make it more burglar-proof and a door stop to keep the door open in any desired position.

Installation profiles

A: Installation profile using a frame
B: Installation profile in the daylight opening
C: Installation profile behind the daylight opening

Photo gallery

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