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At ConDoor Industrial Doors, we like to think from your perspective with respect to your special wishes regarding the version of a door, or if the structural situation appears to make installation of the door difficult. We are particularly inventive with our ‘specials’!

“XXL Doors or with a slanting lower panel? We can make them for you!”

We would not be ConDoor Industrial Doors if we could not respond to special wishes. We consider special situations to be challenges we enjoy facing, together with you.

Do you need an XXL door up to a maximum production width of twelve metres? ConDoor will create it for you.

Your customer has a building with a slanting floor? We will make a door fitted with a slanting lower panel!

We can also amend the technology behind the door to respond to the requirements. For instance by tailor making a special hardware system.

Do you have a special wish or a structural issue and are you looking for a customised solution?

“Challenge us!”

Please contact Rik van der Vlugt or Casper Welbergen and ask what is possible.

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