ConDoor BV is one of the leading producers of industrial doors and garage doors in Europe. From our factory in Zeewolde (NL), our sustainably produced products are distributed exclusively through our network of dealers, which are located throughout Europe. They deliver the ConDoor doors under their PRIVATE label. The industrial doors and garage doors are made to specification, fully in line with the wishes of the end user. Through our automated order system, we receive the specifications from the dealer, which we translate into the perfect customised door. Of course, our products meet the most stringent European guidelines. Both their safety and durability are continuously checked and tested. We are convinced of the quality of our products, therefore we back them with our extensive guarantee.


Our website has a clear structure that perfectly complements our company philosophy and reputation. Clear, modern and informative. Almost all of the information is freely accessible, with the exception of the information under the DEALER INFO button. This information is password protected. Here you can find various manuals, updates (newsletters) and photos in high and low resolutions. As a dealer, you can download all of this data for free.

Are you interested in a dealership, or do you want to contact a dealer in your area? Please contact us. We will be pleased to help you.


ConDoor stands for integrity, teamwork and innovation. We stand behind our products and believe in building up a long-term business relationship that encompasses more than just the price. From the very start, our company has worked to implement innovations, fed by our practical attitude and our commitment to the doors market. We strive to provide optimum service to all of our customers in all areas.


The term integrity really suits our company. Our philosophy is based on an integer approach to the market, our dealers and of course our employees. We base our actions on human values, standards and trust in each other. We of course always want to meet the agreements made. However, if something goes wrong, you can count on us to correct the situation effectively and in particular in an integer way.


Teamwork is one of our basic principles of our company, we form a close team both internally and with our dealers. We represent this teamwork symbolic by sponsoring the Catamaran ConDoor Sailing Team. Speed, technology, cooperation, insight and tactical strength are characteristics that apply to both the entire ConDoor Team and the Sailing Team.


A company like ConDoor must make progress. Progress is what drives us. We consider it as a must to continually improve our products and to construct them in such a way that we can offer them to our customers as a very competitive product. The employees of our R&D department are at the heart of every innovation, inspired by questions from the market. Developing and patenting these innovations ourselves allows us to react rapidly.