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Especially for door producers, ConDoor Door Components developed a way to easily assemble a professional industrial rail set: ERA. This stands for Easy Rails Assembly.

“ERA: the complete solution for door producers.”

ERA consists of a range of profiles punched with standard holes in various lengths that you need when assembling a rail set. With the supplied software, you can easily configure sets and determine which profile lengths you need to stock as standard.

In order to independently assemble the rail sets, in addition to the software, we also supply equipment, including a mechanical saw, a punch and an assembly table. Using the saw, you first cut the profiles to the length calculated by the software. You then use the punch to effortlessly punch the missing holes. Finally, you assemble all of the profiles into a rail set on the assembly table.

Using ERA, you as door producer can supply rail sets assembled from your own stock, you reduce residual waste and reduce labour to the minimum.

Are you curious about what ERA can mean for your production process? Please contact Lydie le Peltier or Aalbert van Hoff; they will be pleased to provide you with more information.

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